Caring, Loving, Giving

We raise funds for infants and children with life threatening illnesses through auctions of autographed guitars and other items, benefit concerts, funding, partnerships, events and artists support. We do provide funds for medical expenses not covered by insurance or provided by facilities. Please contact us to inquire about further funding.

The organization’s Mission:

“No child with a life-threatening illness will go without the medical treatment which can make a difference.”

Founded June 2010 in Nevada, headquartered in New York. Guitars of Love Children’s Charities is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing about a positive change into the lives of children.

Guitars of Love Children’s Charities was unofficial in 2007 with a five year old boy who was born with 9 inoperable brain tumors along with Autism. A benefit concert was organized along with autographed guitars from national artists which were donated as well as Kiss memorabilia. The items were personally delivered and Guitars of Love Children’s Charities was born.

Founder/CEO: Stephen R. Cristoforo

We are a recognized IRS 501(c) 3 EIN: 27-3004057

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